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Lights, camera, action! At Hollywood Distillery, we believe that great spirits should be enjoyed in the company of great stories. In this tasting guide, we invite you to embark on a cinematic journey, where each sip is paired with iconic Hollywood movies. Elevate your movie nights with our carefully crafted vodka-based cocktails, enhancing the flavors and experience of your favorite films.

The Classic Elegance: Vodka Martini and Casablanca

Kick off your Hollywood Distillery movie night with a touch of classic elegance by sipping on a perfectly crafted Vodka Martini. This timeless cocktail, featuring our premium Oasis vodka, sets the stage for the iconic film “Casablanca.” As Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman navigate love and sacrifice, let the smooth blend of our vodka transport you to the glamorous era of 1940s Hollywood.

Casablanca, with its unforgettable characters and emotional depth, pairs seamlessly with the sophisticated notes of a Vodka Martini. The clean and crisp flavors of the cocktail complement the complex relationships portrayed in the movie, creating a truly immersive experience. Play it again, Sam – and pour yourself another Vodka Martini.

A Twist of Mystery: Moscow Mule and Vertigo

Enter the realm of mystery and suspense with a Moscow Mule in hand, expertly mixed with Hollywood Distillery’s vodka. This cocktail, inspired by James Bond, perfectly complements Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece, “Vertigo.” Allow the enigmatic flavors to mirror the twists and turns of the film, creating a suspenseful movie night experience.

Vertigo, known for its psychological complexity and visual brilliance, finds its match in the zesty Moscow Mule. The bold and refreshing flavors of the cocktail accentuate the daring spirit of the films, turning your living room into a cinematic expedition.

Dreamy Delight: Vodka Sunrise and The Grand Budapest Hotel

Indulge in a dreamy delight with Hollywood Distillery’s Vodka Sunrise, a vibrant cocktail blending our premium vodka with citrusy notes and a splash of grenadine. This exquisite concoction pairs beautifully with the whimsical charm of “The Grand Budapest Hotel.” Allow the fruity and refreshing flavors to transport you to a world of quirky characters and colorful adventures.

The Grand Budapest Hotel, with its visual splendor and quirky narrative, finds a delightful companion in the fruity and visually stunning Vodka Sunrise. Sip, savor, and let the combination of flavors enhance the fantastical elements of this Wes Anderson masterpiece.

Whimsical Fantasy: Magic Mojito and The Wizard of Oz

Transport yourself to the whimsical world of Oz with our Magic Mojito, a concoction that fuses the freshness of mint with our premium vodka. As Dorothy embarks on her journey down the yellow brick road, let the magical notes of this cocktail enhance the fantasy and charm of “The Wizard of Oz.”

The Wizard of Oz, with its enchanting characters and dreamlike landscapes, pairs seamlessly with the refreshing and mystical notes of the Magic Mojito. Allow the minty breeze of the cocktail to whisk you away to a land of imagination, making your movie night a whimsical experience.

In each glass, Hollywood Distillery brings the magic of the movies to life, turning your ordinary movie night into a spectacular vodka-tasting experience. So, grab your favorite film, pour a glass of our exceptional vodka-based cocktails, and let the show begin!

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Golden and elegant Logo of Hollywood Distillery

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Golden and elegant Logo of Hollywood Distillery


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