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Oasis Vodka

The world’s first and only date vodka. Distilled from organic dates grown in Coachella Valley, California


Oasis Vodka is the world’s first date vodka, produced by Hollywood Distillery Inc. in Los Angeles and made from 100% Organic Medjool Dates, grown locally in the Coachella Valley. This limited release Vodka is unfiltered, distilled 20 times and bottled at 80 proof. It is exceptionally smooth with great texture and without the harshness most vodkas carry. The result is a vodka that’s deliberate and refined and can be easily enjoyed neat as a sipping vodka or in cocktails as it’s a great carrier for flavor

The Oasis Vodka is their first limited release spirit, with the aspiration of creating a locally sourced, organic and original recipe Vodka. While many Vodkas are made from less expensive grain or fruit sources, the premium California Medjool date was chosen for our Vodka base for its unique flavor as well as its sugar and mineral profile. The result is a very unique, smooth and pure Vodka that pairs exceptionally well with fruit juices or, as we prefer, sipped neat or on the rocks.

While this Vodka is the first spirit that is currently being released, Hollywood Distillery is currently producing and aging its own line of Straight Bourbon Whiskey made with organic grains sourced locally in California. The first release of our Straight Bourbon is expected Summer of 2019.

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